Thursday, July 22, 2010

A couple weeks ago was the Quebec GP in beautiful ste-croix quebec. The weekend started with a nice amount of rain on friday night to make the pits into a nice mud bath. Saturday's practice session went well and i was already lapping at last years lap-record pace. The heat race was somewhat of a surprise as LaResistance jumped out to an early lead, i was happy to follow for the first couple of laps, but as the heat race went on i could clrearly see that he was pretty strong into and out of the bowl and passing him would be a problem. I ended up making a last lap pass into the hairpin when Sebastien took the outside of a slower rider, but i kinda got cought up in the last chicane and Sebastien got back by me right at the line to win the P4F3 heat race. I was really happy for him and it was a fun race. Maxpat and Chaos did a good job to make it an all Deficient first row.

On sunday it was a hot one, the P4 challenge was up first and it was an important race for me for 2 reasons, it was an oportunity to take over the points lead in the Vintage challenge since Steve didnt make the trek down to quebec. It was also a chance to take on the local hotshoe Marc Tremblay on somewhat "even" machinery, Marc is now on a ducati 900SS and it matches up pretty good to the hawks. Sebastien was starting from the back due to a late entry from sent in. I got a good start but Tremblay got by me on the backstraight, he braked a little early into the hairpin and i was able to keep my speed up on the outside and come out in front. I pushed hard for 3 laps to get a cussion on 2nd place and then kept the same gap for the rest of the race. Sebastien made it to 3rd place and Pat to 4th ahead of my P4 challenger Jamie Barkley.

The P4F3 final was shapping up to be an epic battle... but Sebastien first lap crash put out that fire pretty quick... on the restart Jamie Jumped into the lead of the start, i made an inside pass into the hairpin and controlled the pace the rest of the race. I made for a pretty boring race.I only pushed a couple of laps to try and get the overall lap record, but came up short by about a tenth,but still got the P4F3 lap record of 0:44.565. Pat put the pressure on Jamie for 2nd but couldnt make the pass in the end had to settle for 3rd.

I was nice that some of our friends came to see us race, but the whole event left a lot to be desired. I hope we find another venue for next years race.

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